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Unfinished Coffee Latte Search

Unfinished Coffee Latte Search - My neighbor really likes weird. Some time ago they had hooked playing music (nge-band). Since all band elements are complete, from bass players, lead guitar, melodies to keyboardist, the ritual of ngeband becomes a new ritual every night of the week. Vocalist? No need to bother looking for it, because for this position almost everyone wants to run. This ngeband ritual is getting smoother as one of our neighbors has complete musical equipment, including drum set and piano. So imagine, at least every two weeks you can hear the faint songs of God's Pupus late at night in our complex, sometimes punctuated by the KLA Project's Drizzle or Yogya and almost certainly closed with the Iwan Fals fighter plane.

There is a character that they maintain, namely that they will pursue correctly every new hobby. This is evident when they find the pleasure that shifts the joy of playing music, is coffee. Not just a cup of coffee as they used to do. Rather really the rituals that match the grip and the nature of coffee. Roasted coffee beans are still fresh, manual grinding followed by manual brewing.

They are completely immersed in the seriousness of this coffee ritual. From the original V-60, they have collected other equipment such as digital scales, 180-watt grinder engines, French Press platoers and rockpresso. To the extent that one of them bought a special bag dedicated to the means of storage of coffee equipment. You could say this bag is like a bag of Doraemon for coffee tools. Had occurred to me, lest I can find Rancilio mini coffee machine in the bag.

Uniquely, the similarities between these two hobbies; ngeband and coffee is that both are done at night is late at the weekend. Only occasionally they are drinking together in the morning, that too because there is a moment of devotion to the complex. Special time for this strange hobby is a little difficult for me. Frankly I am a bit overwhelmed if you have to match their stamina that can be literate until morning. Because usually during the weekend I have to get up early to invite to play. So it can be said I rarely follow-up coffee with them.

Except for that night.

They showed their expertise in coffee mixing. Previously I had gotten news that some of them attend special training for baristas. I do not think they will be serious about this coffee issue. And that night proves that my thinking is wrong.

Some of the menu was mixed that night from Vietnam drip coffee, V-60 manual brewing, to espresso. The peak I was served latte. I'm definitely not a latte connoisseur. I claim to be a hard-line, non-sugar, black coffee only coffee stream. But the evening latte changed everything.

my neighbor is more viscous espresso and combined with milk to taste. Ouch. Very enjoyable. A strict mixture of coffee and milk obliterates the plain flavor that I often taste for this type of latte. Really. At that time I felt in love with the latte as Wade Wilson (Deadpool) fell in love when he met Vanessa.

And that night had an inevitable effect. For days, I still think about the taste of lattes left on the lips. Therefore I started the adventure to find a latte similar to the latte concoction of the neighbors that night. Black coffee was my second choice after that. The first latte I found in the search was a latte blend of baristas in mini cafes around the office. The cafe owner uses the porta-camp as his place of business. Before my order latte was made, I first made sure that it would be true latte as I mean, a mixture of espresso with milk. Unfortunately this first latte failed miserably to meet my expectations. After my deeper analysis, this first latte uses too much milk in the mixture.

Learning from the first experience, then I ordered a latte with a combination of 1: 1 for espresso and milk. I order this latte in another cafe, the cafe that counts very famous name. Upon hearing my order, the barista made sure it was my wish. He said that the portion of my drink will be much reduced compared to the existing cup capacity. I said it's okay. Again the second latte is just as disappointing as the first version of the latte. Maybe the composition is different but the taste of coffee that I soaked on the tongue is still not the same as the neighboring latte concoction. And in my opinion, the espresso is less concentrated. The second latte disappointment was slightly remedy because I also ordered a chocolate croissant.

The latte search still continues. The third feels worse than the previous version. I drank a third latte at one of the cafes in Bintaro area. By the time the order is recorded, I've reminded the waiter who served that I wanted her milk content to be reduced. Either not recorded or the waiter lacking concentration, the third latte is presented with a composition of 1: 4. Its encapsulation is predictable. I asked for sweet iced tea to accompany the spicy fettucini carbonara I ordered.

Fortunately the Vietnamese drip coffee that I ordered in one afternoon while accompanying wife who was 9 months pregnant enough to cure my disappointment. So far this Vietnamese coffee is quite close to the taste of my neighbor's latte concoction. I do not understand why none of the lattes I drank could be similar to a latte that night.

Perhaps this is indeed a sign that I again took the time to hang out and coffee with them. Ngalrol ngalor ngidul, north south west east, discussing all sorts of things when other people are asleep. And if lucky, not just coffee and nuts that I can, but also martabak. To be sure I was still curious about the latte that night. Do you remember when Harry Osborn teased Peter Parker in a whisper over what Mary Jane's lips he was kissing like? Yes, maybe my face shape is the same as that of Parker's face.


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