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Tuah Coffeehouse in Aceh Indonesia

Tuah Coffeehouse in Aceh Indonesia - Three hours after I arrived on Simeulue Island, Ilan, my new acquaintance in Simeulue sent a message: "Just go to the nearby villages of Sinabang first, Desa Air Pinang and Kuala Makmur, about 30 minutes from Sinabang. When it's over there, just to the farther village. The village of Sembilan is well worth visiting, one of the best clove producers in Simeulue. "I replied to the short message," Okay, Bang. Thank you."

Tuah Coffeehouse in Aceh Indonesia

I have never met Ilan. I contacted him through the contact number of one of whom I also do not know and meet. But it all ends up in Mr. Roem, the research consultant I'm currently studying on Simeulue Island. Quite complicated and long, but technology makes things easier.

I'm too tired. After the dawn call to prayer has left the house in Yogya and just arrived in Simeulue Island just before maghrib. A long trip with two transits in Jakarta and Medan made me want to immediately lay down on a soft mattress.

I used a motorcycle taxi service in Sinabang City, the capital of Simeulue District to go to Air Pinang Village, East Simeulue Subdistrict (still one kecamatan with Sinabang) the next day. No contacts I referred to in Air Pinang Village. On Sundays, I also can not go directly to the village office. I do not think there are any diligent village employees who come to work on Sundays. But this is Aceh. And this is not the first time for me to this city. I know a favorite place that I can quickly come to, a place that has never been quiet since morning until night. Coffee shop. 

Four 2 x 0.5 meter tables surrounded by long chairs and individual chairs made of plastic material. Men of various ages are busy talking. I spontaneously counted the number of people in the coffee shop shortly after I entered the shop, all 17 people.

The coffee shop in Air Pinang Village is not named. Managed by Fitra, 18, a young man who just graduated from high school and aspires to continue his studies majoring in biology next year. Previously the coffee shop is managed by Fitra's parents. After he finished school and while waiting for enrollment in the next year, Fitra's parents handed over the coffee shop management to Fitra.

I ordered a cup of coffee. With a swift Fitra make my order coffee. Two large glass-shaped containers and a cone-shaped filter are the main fixtures of coffee presentation. Hot water moves from one container to another after the previous filter. Fitra repeatedly flipped over the blackish-colored hot water between the two containers before finally pouring the coffee into the cup.

In the movie Cut Nyak Dien directed by Eros Djarot produced in 1987, Teuku Umar played by Slamet Rahardjo gave spirit to his troops before a major battle against the Dutch in Meulaboh, a battle that eventually killed Teungku Umar. He said, "Beungoh singoh geutanyoe jep kupi in keude Meulaboh or ulon will be martyred". Tomorrow morning we will drink coffee in Meulaboh City or I will be martyred.

Speech of Teuku Umar is inscribed in the inscription in front of the entrance of the tomb of Teuku Umar. According to Muhajir, in his article in about a coffee shop in Aceh, the quotation is part of the folklore of the hereditary, which is believed most of the people of Meulaboh. The inscriptions on the tomb of Teuku Umar were made far after the Dutch left the legs of Aceh and Indonesia. This statement legitimates that the habit of drinking coffee in Aceh has existed since the early 20th century, precisely after the Netherlands planted a large-scale coffee in the highlands of Gayo, Aceh.

According to Fitra, there are three times where the coffee shop he runs is crowded by visitors, Morning between 08.00 and 10.00, afternoon between 15:00 and 18:00, and evening between 19:00 and 24:00. This adjusts to community working hours. I arrived at the coffee shop near 10:00, when the stall was quite crowded. In one sitting, out of 17 people in the coffee shop, all of them are clove garden owners. Without bothering, once to the coffee shop, all the gold resources related clove research that I did I got. Two of the visitors were also heads of hamlets in two sub-villages in Air Pinang Village. From them all I get the important data I need for this research.

In Kota Sabang, the next day at another coffee shop, I accidentally met three members of the Simeulue Regency DPRK council. Chairman of Gerindra Party of Simeulue District, Chairman of Simeulue District Hanura Party, and Secretary General of Aceh National Party (PNA). In addition I also met with local artists Simeulue District. From them I received additional information on the ins and outs of clove plantation policy, clove trading, clove history in Simeulue, and art directly related to clove plantations.

When I moved to Southwest Aceh District, again, I accidentally met with the deputy regent of Southwest Aceh District who two days from the meeting would be inaugurated with the elected bupati. Of course this is a big advantage. Without bothering to go to the office with formal permission and formal attire, I got a lot of important information from the main source.

My goal to Aceh, came to three districts indeed in order to study clove commodities. But I must admit, the coffee and coffee shop give it its own. There, in a casual chat between a cup of coffee, pouring forth into the data room I needed. In the coffee shop also social barriers that are elsewhere so frozen, easily melt. You can dig up any information and easily meet important people thanks to a coffee shop, a coffee shop in Aceh. Condition, you are strong to sit for long in the coffee shop, like most people throughout Aceh strong lingering in the coffee shop. So, if you have the opportunity to visit Aceh, in any city or village, a time is a stop at the coffee shop. Once seated, lots of interesting information and things you can download.

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