Saturday, October 14, 2017

Should not Drink Tea or Coffee While Eating

Should not Drink Tea or Coffee While Eating - Professor of FKM UI Prof. Endang L. Achadi does not recommend drinking tea or coffee while eating because it can inhibit the absorption of iron needed by the body.

Should not Drink Tea or Coffee While Eating

"Tea and coffee have substances that bind iron, so the body can not absorb the iron," said Endang in Jakarta, as quoted from Antara, Thursday (20/4/2017).

Iron is required by the body on the formation of hemoglobin (Hb) which serves to bind oxygen and all body tissues.

Hemoglobin is formed from a mixture of proteins and iron and is present in red blood cells (erythrocytes), if humans lack hemoglobin then the person may suffer from anemia.

In addition to coffee and tea, foods high in fiber and contain calcium can also inhibit the absorption of iron.

For that, Endang recommend drinking fruit juice, especially rich in vitamin C, for optimal absorption of iron.

"Fruit juice rich in vitamin C such as orange juice can help the body to absorb more iron, but it is advisable to consume beef, liver, poultry and fish that contain protein and iron," he said.

The human body needs about 30 mg of iron per day, but there are still many people who are iron deficient.

As many as 22.7 percent of Indonesian women suffer from anemia, as many as 37.1 pregnant women also suffer from anemia, while that of 16.6 percent of men over 15 years suffering from anemia.

Anemic patients will experience fatigue, lethargy, lunglai, quickly drowsy and difficult to concentrate. This has an effect on their work productivity.

Anemia produces a 20 percent decrease in labor productivity or about 6.5 hours per week.

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