Saturday, October 14, 2017

Reaction of Body After 6 Hour Coffee Sipping

Reaction of Body After 6 Hour Coffee Sipping - "Coffee is always good idea", so roughly jargon owned by coffee lovers. But, do you know what happens to the body after drinking a cup of coffee?

Quoted from the Bright Side, Wednesday (14/06/2017) coffee apparently will react in the human body from 10 minutes to 6 hours ahead. Here's his reaction.

After 10 minutes

The first stir will make the caffeine in the coffee into the bloodstream, causing the heartbeat and blood pressure begins to rise.

After 20 minutes

At this time you begin to feel more focused, able to easily make decisions and solve problems. In 20 minutes the caffeine that enters the body also helps reduce fatigue and connect the brain receptors so that it is more active.

After 30 minutes

Adrenaline production increases, resulting in a sharper vision and slightly dilated pupils.

After 40 Minutes

Increased serotonin increases the function of neurons and increases muscle strength.

After 4 hours

Coffee can increase cells that release energy. At this time it also breaks down fat even if you do not move. Caffeine also stimulates stomach acid production to increase.

After 6 hours

After six hours, the coffee that enters the body will cause you to urinate. In addition to water coming out of the urine, the body also loses vitamins and minerals. It can also cause impaired calcium metabolism.

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