Saturday, October 14, 2017

Drinking Coffee For You Want to Defecate, Why?

Drinking Coffee For You Want to Defecate, Why? - For most people, drinking coffee in the morning has become a habit that can not be abandoned. Funnily enough, coffee drinking in the morning is often followed by a desire to defecate.

In fact, the effect of coffee on the colon is equivalent to eating about 1,000 calories of food. That should be remembered, the reaction depends on the sex of a person. Women (53%) are more susceptible to this than men (19%).

Reporting from Todayifoundout, initially, caffeine in coffee is touted as the cause. However, why is the peristaltic increase in the intestine causing desire for bowel movements not to occur in other caffeinated beverages?

Although not really proven yet, the latest theory reveals the urge to defecate after drinking coffee is a combination of several hormonal and neurological mechanisms. Some are unknown, but two hormones in the gut are gastrin and cholecystokinin are involved in them. These two hormones secrete substances that have the same effect as laxatives.

It should be remembered, coffee is relatively acid with a pH between 4.5 and 6. While the stomach also produces acids that help digest the fats and proteins. The stomach responds to acid production by moving its contents more quickly into your small intestine.

Increased acid levels due to coffee plus acid released by the stomach, trigger the release of gastrin and cholecystokinin that stimulate peristaltic movement of the colon.

The intestines also force the body to replace the rest of the food contained in the rectum with a replacement. This is what makes you want to defecate after drinking coffee.

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