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Coffee Spices "Katong Pung Coffee" Maluku Indonesia

Coffee Spices "Katong Pung Coffee" Maluku Indonesia - Coffee and nutmeg is a commodity that once enliven the sea of  the archipelago due to trade. Both have long story chains. But what if these two most valuable commodities in determining Indonesian history are united in one flavor and taste: nutmeg coffee.

As done by both husband and wife couple Bang Nanang and Caca Ega. Both have been working for almost two years coffee independently. Starting from ordering coffee beans, quality selection, roasted (roaster), packaging, to marketing. Only grinder machines they do not yet have.

The coffee is quite delicious typical maluku and labeled "Katong Pung Kopi" which means "coffee we have". To get the coffee beans, they usually can be from the island of Seram, a large island in the northern part of Ambon island. So far, only Seram can supply coffee beans for them. Its coffee bean variant is robusta.

Armed with the experience of going out and studying in the villages, finally make it easier for them to get the coffee beans to be processed. They also have many acquaintances of coffee farmers. Although not so much, but enough to meet their business needs.

For Nanang and Ega, visiting and living in villages, in addition to studying and finding coffee supplies also to meet with farmers and recognize the process by which farmers manage their coffee beans before and after harvest. In addition, interacting with farmers directly can also facilitate the process of negotiating coffee beans according to the price they need.

Usually, they order directly through coffee farmers to market the coffee beans that can be sold at the appropriate price. Nanang and Eca do not go through a third party that sometimes receives coffee beans from farmers at a cheaper price, but sells back at a price that tends to be more expensive.

To sell coffee, farmers must first know the price of coffee in the market. Thus, the production of crops and household needs that are sometimes up and down can be adjusted and controlled. Dealing directly with farmers is one of the principles of a balanced system of economic systems. Between buyers and sellers alike have the same rights in bidding so that the price can be tailored to their individual needs. Of course this will be slightly different if the price should be determined through a third-party pen.

The first year between June-July 2015, coffee sent from farmers about 98 kg with coffee prices around 20-45 thousand / kg. The coffee is sent to the city of Ambon to start the process of choosing coffee beans (sorting) for further processing. Sometimes, if the supply of coffee is a lot, usually the process of choosing coffee beans is assisted by their friends. Selection of coffee beans can be done at home, can also be brought home. I once helped them by choosing coffee beans about 2 kg.

After the coffee bean selection process is complete, the next is roasting (roasting) coffee beans. Due to limited tools, the roasting process performed by them is usually also manual. Stove with steam burning stable. Roasted coffee usually runs out about 2 kg a day, starting at 7 am and finished at 6 pm.

Sometimes, roasting can also use a roasting oven. The process does have its own differences. If using a roasting oven, the roasting process starts from 7 am and completes at 6 pm will produce about 3-5 kg.

Roasting process using toaster and roaster oven each has advantages and different qualities. For a while, they prefer to use a grill oven because besides a little more effective, it also does not take much energy. In addition, the color of the coffee beans is also more evenly distributed, and the result is somewhat more than the previous roaster.

Since its production in 2015, Katong Pung Kopi has quite a lot of enthusiasts. This coffee has several types of sizes in packaging with different prices. Most of them are mahasiwa. In the cafeteria of the Patimura University campus, there are some regular customers who love this coffee. Some students are keen coffee drinkers. Usually while spending time to discuss and exchange stories, as a complement, there is always coffee on the table.

There are four types of coffee packaging Katong Pung Coffee. For 100 gr usually used as souvenir to those who visit to Ambon. For buyers who come from Ambon, generally buy a 250 gr, while for regular customers usually buy 500 gr. There is also a size of 1 kg which is usually ordered by people who come from outside Ambon uuntuk back home also souvenirs.

Although still actively making coffee, the agenda of learning the village and meet coffee farmers are also still their routine to do. The activity is usually done if there is an urgent and sudden need. Until last encountered, they are taking care of licensing in order to smooth business. Going forward, they hope Katong Pung Kopi is getting liked by many people. Hopefully.

Author: Chalid Bin Walid Pelu

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