Friday, September 1, 2017

Explore Indonesian Coffee to Sulawesi Section

Now we go back to Indonesia. to be exact, Sulawesi. You know not what is typical of Sulawesi? Yes! Kopi Toraja Kalosi. We will get to know more about Toraja coffee, coffee that is staying as Queen of Coffee.

Sulawesi coffee can be a jewelry from Indonesia. The reason is that some coffee from South Sulawesi growing at an unprecedented height in other islands in Indonesia. Traditionally, Sulawesi coffee has been processed using the wet-hull method in the same way as other Indonesian coffees. This process that determines many flavors in the coffee, such as low acidity, full body, and relatively mild. Coffee in Sulawesi is processed slightly differently, coffee is dried in low humidity as Central America does, and then skinned for export. This is done because the coffee will produce a sense of clean and not concentrated.

Toraja kalosi coffee is the name of a coffee coming from two different regions. Toraja kalosi coffee beans are planted in high mountain areas of South Sulawesi. Kalosi is the name of a small town in Sulawesi which is a collection of coffee from the surrounding area. Toraja is a mountainous area in Sulawesi, where this coffee grows.

Kalosi Bone-Bone arabica coffee from Enrekang regency, South Sulawesi was selected as one of the best national coffee beans along with 34 types of coffee grown in Indonesia. Bone-Bone coffee grows in the Latimojong Mountains, Baraka District. The previous Bone-Bone name has captured the world's attention for being the only village in Indonesia free of cigarette smoke.

Since Toraja Kalosi itself is very famous, we will explain his brother Kalosi Bone-Bone. In Coffee Specialty Indonesia 2008 contest, this coffee is designated as the best national arabica coffee.

Enrekang is an area south of Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi, with its high plains. In Enrekang there is the village of Bone-Bone, a small village nominated as "The best village in Sulawesi". Because the mayor banned the sale of cigarettes or junk food in this city! In Indonesia, smoking is almost a culture among teenagers, especially in rural areas. However, Bone-Bone did not want that to happen. Bone-Bone makes its area isolated from cigarette smoke and fast food. Wow!

To the coffee plantation, the journey is quite difficult because the terrain is high and very muddy if the rainy season. But, the struggle to achieve this garden in accordance with the results obtained. Bone-Bone coffee has its own characteristics of thick-bodied and sweet sips, also comes the taste of fruit, herbs, which are dominated by the aroma of apples and spices. Again, you already know that taste is also influenced by roasting process? With full city roast, sweet fragrance will be felt. The sweetness is characterized by pectin and fruit flavor. If tasting Bone-Bone Coffee, the first sip comes the characteristic of the taste, next sip you will be brought to a quiet, typical rural atmosphere of Sulawesi.

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