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Differences Between Arabica Coffee and Robusta Coffee

For coffee enthusiasts, it is certain that there are so many ways to benefit on how to enjoy all kinds of coffee out there. In relation to that matter, what I want to discuss here is the difference between Arabica coffee and Robusta.

Keep in mind that the two copies are two different kinds of coffee. What distinguishes most certainly lies in the place where the two species of coffee grow, taste, and also the economic difference. In this article, I will discuss more about the differences between the two types of coffee. The goal is to help you all in choosing the type of coffee that best suits your taste.

How to enjoy both types of coffee is also different from one another. What is your favorite?
Differences in Robusta and Arabica Flavors

In terms of taste, Arabica coffee has many variations of flavors which are diverse. The taste of the coffee can be soft, sweet, sharp, and also strong. You can tell that before roasting, the smell of coffee is very similar to blueberries. However, after roasted, the coffee will have the aroma of sweet fruits. Of course in general, people tend to like the aroma of Arabica coffee when compared with Robusta.

As for the taste of Robusta coffee, it tends to have a neutral taste variation. Sometimes it also has a flavor or a smell like wheat. Before roasted, this coffee beans have the aroma of nuts. Unfortunately, it is rare to find high-quality robustas in the market. In fact, the price of Arabica coffee beans is higher when compared with Robusta coffee.

Arabica Coffee

This type of coffee grows in areas with an altitude of 700-1700 mdpl. The temperature is 16-20 ° C. To know about this type of coffee is about the aspect of sensitivity to the type of leaf rust disease or better known as HV or Hemileia Vastatrix. This is especially when planted in areas with elevations less than 700 mdpl.

The next thing to know is the origin of the coffee. In fact, this coffee comes from the country of Ethiopia and also Brazil. Both countries control 70% of the global coffee market. You can also find many other types of coffee coming from these two countries for sure.

The characteristics of Arabica coffee is a fragrant aroma, living in a cool and cool area, has a slightly acidic taste, thickness in the mouth, bitter, and also has a finer texture.

Robusta Coffee

As for robusta coffee, it is descended from several species of coffee species. Regarding the quality of the coffee fruit, the fact is lower compared with Arabica coffee and also Liberika. This type of coffee controls about 30% of the world market.

Regarding the origin of the coffee, it is widely available in Colombia, Indonesia, and also the Philippines. Then what are the characteristics of the coffee? People usually will find a taste that is more like chocolate. The smell is also sweet. The texture of this coffee tends to be rough and has a color vary. You may also need to know the features of the Robusta tree. Robusta trees are more vulnerable to insects. It even grows on lowland is about 700 m asl. The amount of coffee beans produced is also higher. For flowering process, it can take up to 10 months Will become fruit. This type of coffee bears fruit at warmer temperatures.

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